About Us

Fortress Mission

"Providing individuals with a comprehensive skill set that will enhance their overall capabilities."

Why Fortress?

FORTRESS offers a place where most anyone of any age and skill level can come and develop a comprehensive skill set which will enable them to enhance their sense of security and personal protection abilities. Whether it be through firearms training or in hand-to-hand capabilities, we excel at providing an engaging and safe environment that will develop your skills, meet your needs, and encourage personal growth.

At FORTRESS we see you as an individual with specific needs and we are willing to help you meet your personal goals. FORTRESS will provide you with the professional training that will gain you the competence to feel confident in your ability to face whatever adversities may come.


John Betancourt
Owner, Chief Instructor

I have studied Martial Arts and Hand-to-hand combatives for over 30 years as well as firearm-based tactics for nearly 20 years. I have earned black belts in Okinawan Go-Ju, Kobudo Weapon Arts, and Shotokan Karate. As a teen I won multiple international martial arts titles in the world of Sport Karate. Since then I have gone on to earn numerous certifications for various combat related disciplines including rank and instructor status in Edged Weapon and Firearm based Tactics, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Executive Protection, and Military Based Combatives. I am also a proud veteran of the United States Coast Guard where I was qualified as an Advanced Shipboard Firefighter, Boarding Team Member for Interdiction Operations, as well as a Surface Rescue-Swimmer.

I have a strong commitment to continuing my education in the areas that I teach, for my own knowledge and growth, as well as that of my students. The world of personal protection and defensive tactics is always evolving...

So should we!

Support / Staff

Freddy Nostra
Urban Weapons & Personal Protection Instructor, Tech Guru

Freddy is our "Unconventional Combatives" and "Anti-Grappling" specialist. He has years of experience in semipermissive environments that do not allow for carry of common weapons such as pistols. He has spent years studying and building curriculum around this topic and travels here to Bozeman to teach regularly. He has greatly varied experience and has trained with instructors respected in multiple disciplines across the country:

  • Graduate from El Camino Police Academy, Torrance, CA. Class 65.
  • Keysi Fighting Method under Brady Chin of Matador Combatives (Formerly KFM LA) www.kfmla.com
  • 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Headquarter training under Scott Ross (10th Planet Black Belt)
  • Self Rescue Solutions under Koki Wong (AMOK!) www.selfrescuesolutions.com
  • Firearms training under Roger Phillips, founder of Fight Focused Concepts. www.fightfocusedconcepts.com

Freddy is one of the best personal trainers I've seen in action. He strives to show how an average person can use practical techniques and methods in an easy to learn and effective manner to achieve their personal protection and fitness goals.