Robert T.

Great lesson! John is a sharp, skilled instructor that made me a better shooter.

I'm a competitive pistol shooter, yet John took the time to understand my background and made a customized lesson to teach me skills I hadn't learned. Further, he broke the lessons into smaller skills to build on throughout the day.

Well worth the investment, and looking forward to the next one.


Corrie M.

I have taken 2 classes with John. The first was his active shooter class with on-scene response. And the second was a personal defense shooting class. John is an excellent teacher with a plethora of knowledge and training. He has been gifted with a heart and unique ability to teach others these invaluable and practical skill sets in a way that one can easily practice at home and replicate in real life, God forbid, it was ever needed. Along with his ability to teach others well, he also strives to build others up during his trainings. His unique way of building confidence in his students shows his genuine desire for them to succeed and feel confident in all that they learn. I fully recommend him for any of his classes be it BJJ, CCW, personal protection in the home, and/or any weapons training. You will not be disappointed.


Theresa R.

We had a great day with John @ Fortress Combat in Bozeman. He really tailored the class to our needs, skills, carry laws, technical hardware and was incredibly well put together. Easy to relate to no matter what your skill level. I highly recommend him and we are looking forward to our next class in a few weeks!


Madeline W.

Took a personal protection training course with John, some of the best techniques and knowledge I've been taught. Practical application of skills, put together class, and very enjoyable. Can't wait to go back for another class. Highly recommend!


Justin F.

Best CCW class I've ever taken. Thorough explanation of mindset and law. Information that I was really not able to find anywhere else.

John knows his stuff inside and out. You won't regret taking his class. Highly recommend!


Jenna D.

Fortress is unlike any other training facility you have probably ever been to. I took the Women's Personal Protection In The Home course which included a concealed carry course with classroom time, covering the basics of handgun safety and of course use, and then a range day complete with scenario training. I've done additional hours at the range, too. Now I am working out in his women's StrikeFit class, which is a class that teaches self defense, striking, safety, and is also a great workout. It's similar to his Combatives class, but in an environment with women only. Is it the BEST workout? No, but it's a GREAT workout and it will also teach you skills that you can't get if you go to any other training facility in town. Every time I go I know I am working on creating muscle memory that will serve me if God forbid I ever need to actually defend myself or my family against attackers.


Corey B.

John and the fortress team are all very professional and able to work with all levels of experience. As a psychologist myself I appreciate the integration of the psychological mindset in a fight situation along with the physical movements. John and the fortress team check both of those boxes. I highly recommend these trainings for people of all levels of experience.


Maxwell S.

Absolutely fantastic! John is unbelievably knowledgeable and gives you the REAL DEAL! I learned so much and would recommend his services to anyone looking to gain more confidence in self defense, gun safety, conceal carry course. I will for sure be coming back for more of his programs. Thank you John!



I took the Women's Personal Protection in the Home course and it was a fun, educational experience and John was knowledgeable and patient. The class was thorough but still doable and beneficial for someone with very little experience. It is tailored to women because it highlights situations that are common for women but, more importantly, it does not pigeonhole you or your educational experience BECAUSE you are a woman. John is a quality instructor and I recommend this class to anyone interested in learning about home protection and would bet his other classes are just as worthwhile.