John Betancourt

Founder / Owner / Chief Instructor

I have studied Martial Arts and Hand-to-hand combatives for over 30 years as well as firearm-based tactics for nearly 20 years. I have earned black belts in Okinawan Go-Ju, Kobudo Weapon Arts, and Shotokan Karate. As a teen I won multiple international martial arts titles in the world of Sport Karate. Since then I have gone on to earn numerous certifications for various combat-related disciplines including rank and instructor status in Edged Weapon and Firearm based Tactics, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Executive Protection, and Military Based Combatives. I am also a proud veteran of the United States Coast Guard where I was qualified as an Advanced Shipboard Firefighter, Boarding Team Member for Interdiction Operations, as well as a Surface Rescue-Swimmer.

I have a strong commitment to continuing my education in the areas that I teach, for my own knowledge and growth, as well as that of my students. The world of personal protection and defensive tactics is always evolving…

So should we!